About the Artist

About the Artist

Sharon Mossbeck is a UK based Conceptual Artist.

Her work focuses on themes of death and religion, with other influences coming from medicine and history. Mossbeck’s atheist beliefs spark a fascination with religion, and her work is perhaps best understood as exploring and questioning how it must be to have faith, in stark opposition to her own views on  what happens after death.

Mossbeck also engages with her practice through curating exhibitions, hosting workshops, and giving talks and guest lectures.

Contemporary Art Cross-stitch

Sharon Mossbeck is also the pioneer of Contemporary Art Cross-stitch, which  is cross-stitch used in a contemporary fine art context. By her own definition, Mossbeck believes that Contemporary Art Cross-stitch should have conceptual foundations and be used as the preferred medium for a piece of work solely because it is appropriate.

Through her work, Sharon Mossbeck hopes to change the perception of cross-stitch in contemporary fine art, and establish it as a legitimate medium.


I am currently taking part in an art sale to raise money to send myself and 5 other artists to Athens where we will take part in Documenta 14, an international art fair. Take a look at the works available and please ask if you have any questions.

Platform: Art Sale and Exhibition

11 Responses to About the Artist

  1. Suzanne Booker says:

    Hi, I would be happy to produce an embroidery for your project.
    Kind regards
    Suzanne Booker

  2. Erica Allen says:

    Hello I am part of the WI & would love to take it to our members …can I have a pattern please.

  3. Lynsey says:

    Hi I would be happy to produce an cross stitch project with you

    Kind regards
    Lynsey bryant

  4. Ann Jones says:

    Hi, saw a post about your DNA project, could I possibly have details of how to get involved?
    Thanks Ann

    • Hi Ann,
      You can find out more about the project and how to get involved, including a downloadable copy of the patter, in the Thread of Life section of my website. I hope this helps,

  5. Nicole Mason says:

    Hi, I’m a avid cross stitcher in Gloucestershire UK and would love to take part in helping u create art from cross stitch. How can I get involved?

  6. Di Hayes says:

    Hi there,
    I am booked for one of your workshops in July, but meanwhile I would like to start. I have your pattern and would like to work this on 14 holes to the inch plastic, which would mean that it would end up rigid, not pliable. Would this be acceptable? Please let me know. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting you.Regards, Di Hayes

    • Hi Di,
      That sounds great. The finished piece of work being rigid is not a problem. It sounds really interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing it.
      Many thanks,

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