New York Exhibition

A group of 26 artists are looking for funding to help them to hold an exhibition in New York next year. They only have 4 days left to raise the rest of the funds. I’m not one of the artists myself, but Michael Borkowsky who I share my studio space with, is. It sounds like a great opportunity and they have decided to try and use crowd funding to help them on their way.

There are many incentives for pledging, one of them being the fact that you are eligible to have a postcard sized image of your work included in the exhibition if you are an artist pledging £12.

Follow the link to find out more about the project, and please pass the link on if you know anyone who would be interested in helping. Thank you.

About Sharon Mossbeck

Sharon Mossbeck is a conceptual artist based in Sheffield. Mossbeck's work focuses on themes of death and religion, often presented in a vibrant, hedonistic manner. While based on themes of death, her work is more easily read as a celebration of life while questioning what may happen beyond. Mossbeck works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture using found objects, photography and textiles. Available for commissions.
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