I’ve been receiving a great response to my large cross-stitch from people who have seen it. I’ve been working on it for about 8 weeks now and the picture is really starting to develop. Generally people seem to think that it looks quite beautiful but they don’t particularly understand the image. This is something that I believe is part of all of the work I make. I’m interested in the lost or hidden meanings behind religious artwork. I love the sense of looking at a piece of medieval artwork, or looking up at a church ceiling, and not understanding what you are seeing, but still feeling that it’s beautiful, so I’m happy that my work seems to achieve this.

sewing end of March

The theme of time behind the work is becoming increasingly personal to me as I make the work. I mentioned in my last blog about sitting by the window of my studio and seeing the sun pass over as I sit working, with only a small portion of the cross-stitch to show for so much time and effort. Even though I know it won’t be finished in time and intend for that to be part of the work, I still feel the pressure of getting it as complete as possible all of the time. Every day I worry that I haven’t stitched enough and I generally work on it whenever I have any spare time.
Thankfully the amount of work that has been going into workshop planning has slowed right down now, so it leaves me with a bit more time to work on my own work. It was a completely full time task for several months, so I’m happy to have things in place and dates arranged.
Take a look at my EVENTS section for the latest news on workshops and how to book. All workshops and materials are completely FREE!

About Sharon Mossbeck

Sharon Mossbeck is a conceptual artist based in Sheffield. Mossbeck's work focuses on themes of death and religion, often presented in a vibrant, hedonistic manner. While based on themes of death, her work is more easily read as a celebration of life while questioning what may happen beyond. Mossbeck works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture using found objects, photography and textiles. Available for commissions.
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