New Cross-stitch Work

I’m starting several new projects at the moment, but the ones I actually have under way already are cross-stitched based works.
The first is a piece of work I have had in mind for years, based on the Ancient Greek mythical character of Penelope, wife of Odysseus. While Odysseus was away at sea for many years, presumed dead, Penelope stayed faithful to him. She was working on a tapestry, and fended off potential suitors by saying that she would marry again once it was complete. Every day she worked on the tapestry and every night she unpicked it again. Her ruse finally paid off when she was once again reunited with her husband.
For my work I have bought a cross-stitch frame on which to display the finished piece, as if it were a work in progress. I have been working on a boarder pattern, while the centre will have text which has been stitched and then unpicked, leaving wider holes behind.

Penelope pattern

Penelope [work in progress]

Another cross-stitch that I’m working on is the pattern for a full sized rug in the style of a Prayer rug, but with the patterns made up of intertwined anchors. The anchors represent the hope of everyone who does not believe that death is the end.


All Hope [top row of pattern. Work in progress]

About Sharon Mossbeck

Sharon Mossbeck is a conceptual artist based in Sheffield. Mossbeck's work focuses on themes of death and religion, often presented in a vibrant, hedonistic manner. While based on themes of death, her work is more easily read as a celebration of life while questioning what may happen beyond. Mossbeck works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture using found objects, photography and textiles. Available for commissions.
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