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Studio at Yorkshire Artspace, Exchange Place, Sheffield.

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  1. Jim Foster says:

    It’s Good- when you don’t remind someone of anything they have ever seen before. Women have learned
    how to dance gracefully through a rose bed and still be powerful beyond any body around them. Poor Men- they just
    can’t get it- until they consider themselves practically dead and they aren’t trying to hop over every obstacle. Sometimes – – –
    obstacles are roses- with little prickly thorns. Everyone experiences these thorns-nobody gets away with sweet primrose paths.
    Intelligence demands we try things never done before- it whacks us across the face and sometimes draws blood. In the man’s
    world it is important – to taste the blood- lick it off the skin- and never do somethings ever again- but also remember the rich times
    when you had blood on your hands and it was exciting – like nothing you ever had before.
    jim foster
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