Exhibitions, Workshops and Events in 2018


Stars, Call For Work

Stars is an open call to submit work for an exhibition in Athens, Greece in May 2018.

We are asking artists to submit artwork based on the theme of stars for an exhibition at Platforms Project 18 in Athens. The exhibition will house work created by Fronteer artists based on the solar system alongside stars created by artists successful in this open call. You may interpret the theme of stars however you wish, but do bear in mind we’re looking for work to complement Fronteer’s solar system work.

For Stars we are looking for small scale works (no bigger than 25cm across any one side.) The open call is free to enter, and artists are invited to submit one piece of work for consideration. If successful, your work will be subject to a £15 charge to cover transportation and exhibition costs, as well as return postage after the exhibition. To reiterate, the £15 charge will apply only if your work is selected. Work must already be complete at the time of submission.

Work can be offered for sale at the exhibition if you wish and no commission will be charged for sales.

Because the works will be carried with us to Athens, each piece must be:

  • Flat
  • Sturdy enough to survive the journey (all works will be carefully packaged)
  • Light weight
  • Made of materials and substances which are suitable to be transported to Europe
  • Unframed and finished to a standard high enough to be exhibited

The deadline for submissions is 10pm on Friday 30th March and successful artists will be notified by email on Friday 6th April.

If successful you will be invited to send or deliver your work to Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield UK, where Fronteer is based. The £15 can be paid via Paypal, bank transfer or in cash if you are delivering work by hand. If successful, your work and full payment must reach us by no later than 4thMay.

The exhibition will be held at Athens School of Fine Arts from 17th – 20thMay 2018.

Unsold works will be returned to artists by no later than 20th July, unless other arrangements have been made for collection. Basic 2nd class postage costs are covered by the £15 fee. If you wish for work to be returned by other means an extra fee may apply.
Full details here: STARS


Forgotten Spaces

Solo exhibition of Contemporary Art Cross-stitch work. The exhibition highlights the dungeons and prison cells of Europe on a chilling human scale, illustrating the cruelty of the middle ages.

13th – 30th April. Basement Arts Project, Leeds.


Lunchtime Talks. A talk by the artist on 30th April

Full details to follow.


Platforms Project 18

Group exhibition.

17th – 20th May. Athens School of Fine Art, Athens, Greece.

More details to follow


Past Events

Measure. Group exhibition by Oracles Art group (Gill Alderson, Michael Borkowsky, Sylvia Causer, Andrea Freeman, and Sharon Mossbeck). The exhibition explores the human soul.

Sheffield Cathedral, Church St, Sheffield, S1 1HA. 11th – 19th November.


Alternative PortraitsAn open call exhibition of non-traditional portraiture devised and curated by Sharon Mossbeck and Michael Borkowsky.

Access Space, Avec Building, Sidney Street, Sheffield. 8th September – 4th October 2017.



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