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Sharon Mossbeck. Sample Athenian Coin. Acrylic paint, imitation gold leaf, acrylic glaze on laser cut MDF. 3.9 x 3.9cm. £10
Created in conjunction of our Fronteer exhibition in Athens based on the solar system. This is a sample piece for a painting of Pluto which will be exhibited at Platforms Project 18. Acrylic paint has built up the image in the style of the Athenian owl, found on ancient coins, before being gilded with imitation gold.

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Sharon Mossbeck. Faith, Hope and Charity. Acrylic paint, imitation gold leaf, acrylic glaze on laser cut MDF. 3.9 x 3.9 cm each. £10 each
Minature paintings shpwing Faith, Hope and Charity. They can be bought sperately or as a set.

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Sharon Mossbeck. Empty words. Acrylic, cotton, Aida, wood, cord. 2017. £100



Sharon Mossbeck. Pop-A-Pill (9 individual paintings). Acrylic on canvas. 30×30. £30 each & p&p

A series of Pop Art pill paintings about the choices we make. Unframed, signed, originals.


Sharon Mossbeck. Gothic Leaded Window. Aida, cotton. 23.5×18.4cm. £50

IMG_20170404_191747_115 [Detail of window]

Experimental work exploring cutwork and backstitch. Black threaded criss-cross behind the cut away section to give a leaded window appearance. Part of Sharon Mossbeck’s ongoing Contemporary Art Cross-stitch practice. Framed, original piece, signed on mount of frame.

£3 UK postage.


Sharon Mossbeck. Love Token. Laser cut MDF, acrylic paint, imitation gold leaf, acrylic glaze. 3.9×3.9cm. £10

Small gilded token with a stylised heart. A miniature version of Sharon Mossbeck’s Heart paintings. Signed original piece.

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Sharon Mossbeck. Daisy Wheel. Wood, imitation gold leaf, acrylic paint, acrylic glaze. 10cm at widest point. £15

The Daisy Wheel is an enigmatic Medieval mark, thought to be a charm, or protection mark. These marks are being discovered more and more frequently in our Medieval churches and buildings. Unframed, signed, original piece.

£3 UK postage.




Sharon Mossbeck. Pearl. Acrylic on canvas. 91x61cm. £650

Pearl is inspired by a Medieval poem of the same title, in which the poet describes the loss of his infant daughter, who is now buried in the garden with various plants and flowers growing on her grave. Signed, unframed, original piece.

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Sharon Mossbeck. All Creatures Great and Small. Etching on glass lens. 4.6cm at widest point. £10

Beetle engraved on a lens. This piece examines the values we place on the lives of different creatures.

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