Works Made in Collaboration with Michael Borkowsky

Sharon Mossbeck and Michael Borkowsky collaborate on various projects, including Open Call Exhibitions. Only very occasionally do they collaborate on a piece of work, as both artists have different areas of interest.

Reviving Leviathan

Reviving Leviathan is a collaborative piece of work between Michael Borkowsky and Sharon Mossbeck. The aim of the project is to search out the Biblical sea monster Leviathan by piecing together the fleeting glimpses of him in the Bible. With an exploration of cryptozoology, natural history and a bit of alchemy, can the mystery be solved?

Reviving Leviathan Liverpool

Michael Borkowsky & Sharon Mossbeck, Reviving Leviathan. Mixed media. 2014

leviathan text

[Detail of text]

leviathan potion

[detail of “potion”]

leviathan journal skin

[detail of illustrated journal examining skin]

leviathan journal limb

[detail of illustrated journal examining limbs]

leviathan journal bug

[detail of illustrated journal examining fire breathing]

The Willing Sitter

Based on Nostradamus’ seances, this piece takes the tools of his trade and places them within a cabinet.


The Willing Sitter. Mixed Media. 2016


The Willing Sitter [detail].


A painting by Sharon Mossbeck as part of the UNITY exhibition: An open call devised and curated by Michael Borkowsky and Sharon Mossbeck.


UNITE. Acrylic on canvas banner. 2016

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