Greek Myth

Work inspired by Ancient Greek Myth.


In the Odyssey, Penelope is the loyal wife of Odysseus who goes away to fight in the Trojan War. After many years away Odysseus is presumed dead and Penelope expected to remarry. Believing her husband to still be alive, Penelope vows to remarry one she has completed her tapestry. Every day she works on it and every night she unpicks it again, buying herself time until her husbands return.

This pieces has had text stitched and un-stitched, leaving larger holes where the needle has passed through.


Penelope. Aida, cotton, wood. 2016penelope-text-detail

Penelope [detail of text].

The Beast Within

Inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus, this work explores the idea of Daedaluls’ inner demons after accidentally and spitefully killing his nephew. In this work the brain is a metaphor for the Labyrinth which Daedalus designed to imprison the Minotaur.


The Beast Within. Acrylic on canvas. 2011


Daedalus is the architect of the labyrinth in which was kept the monstrous Minotaur. The Ancient Greek Hero Theseus used gold thread to find his way through the Labyrinth to kill the beast. In this piece, the gold thread obscures our view of this working puzzle. As in life, we cannot see what is around the next corner.

Labyrinth. Aida, cotton. 2012

Cross-stitch Pattern for Labyrinth. Graphite, paper. 2012


Following on from the above piece, this working puzzle again explores the maze as a metaphor for our journey through life. However, this piece highlights the emptiness which I believe awaits us.


Maze. Aida, cotton. 2014


These broken glider wings, built by my father, represent the fall of Icarus.


Fallen. Found glider wings, 2012

wings detail 2

Fallen [detail].


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