The project has initially been funded by an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign. A huge thank you to everyone listed below, who contributed to the project.

Kaety Moon

Jo Hatty


Scott Grant

Alan Tsang

Cheryl Pease

Amy Louise

Crowdfunding Centre

Tim Wright

James Pease

Jason Heppenstall

La Clarke Artist


Mary Knight

Sharon Terry

Melissa Cooke

Primrose Circus

Sally Morris

Sarah Oldham

Grainne Redmond

Emma Lenton

Jo Davies-Mourby

Erica Ritter

Karen Borkowsky

Wendy Allen


Geraint OEdwards


Melissa Hicks

Ali Sea

Bex Becki

P Woods

Antonia Hall

Ben Hultum

Jamie Chalmers


Christine Maitland

Nynke Wierda

Jan Hopkins

Nathan Adams

Charlette Judd

Dawn Cole

Toni Buckby

Tanya Ahmed

A L N Geldart

Janice Bradley

Mad Norris

Elena Thomas

Danielle Rose


Michael Borkowsky


A special thank you to DMC Creative World for supplying materials for the project and the workshops.

* If you would like me to make adjustments to your name on the list, please contact me and I’ll do so as soon as possible.


See the full campaign details here



The project has also been funded by the John-Downes Memorial Trust and Arts Council England.

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