DNA Pattern

finished pattern 001

Download a PDF of the pattern here: Pattern PDF



Making Your Own DNA Strand

Submissions for The Thread of Life are now closed.

You can still download the pattern above and have a go at making your own Thread of Life DNA strand. I’d love to see your work. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.
Tweet pictures using #ThreadOfLife.

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7 Responses to DNA Pattern

  1. Christine Davies says:

    I would like to do a piece on the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy gene!

  2. Trish Knowles says:

    Dear Sharon

    I would like to part in your Thread of Life cross stitch project and it sounds very interesting. I found out about it from my local WI group , The Darling Roses in Alwoodley Leeds 17, which is part of the Leeds federation of the WI. I haven’t decided yet on a title for my piece. I notice you have asked for the finished piece not to be framed, but would it be ok to bind the edges in material/ribbon or suchlike?

    Trish Knowles

  3. Lynsey says:

    Does the pattern have to be the same as yours but our own colour and can we add our own bits to it

    • The pattern is a template really, which you can adapt as much or as little as you like. You really can do anything you like to the pattern, and be as experimental as you chose with your own work.

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  5. Linda barron says:

    Hello Sharon
    I would like to participate in your project. i am just finishing my FDA at Newcastle College. you have given some really interesting development ideas, thank you for the list. It is a very inspiring project , I can not wait to get started when my course finishes.Thank you for posting this project.

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